Tuesday, December 23, 2008

If you read it in Huffington Post, it MUST be true...

The little tongue and cheek humor of the title of this post comes from the old Saturday morning cartoon "Garfield and Friends". This can also be applied to the Huffington Post blog that comes from "journalist" Arianna Huffington. I first took note of Ms. Huffington when I was running "The McLaughlin Group" while I was working in master control at my local PBS station in the late 90s. She seemed credible enough at first but started going flaming liberal after she left the show. Now, her staff of writers blog (who doesn't these days?) and post gems like this one, insinuating that all the people in the Team Sarah online community are a bunch of radical right wing under-educated rednecks.

It's funny how the left wing has a tendency to just assume that everyone who doesn't agree with them are like this. Sadly, there are just as many left wing hipsters sitting in Starbucks wearing their Obama t-shirts blogging about how mean the big bad Republican party is, and they're just as uninformed and not as well versed on the subject as some of their counterparts in the right wing.

Of course, they will TELL you that they are, but when push comes to shove, they make up stories to cover their hindquarters.

Look at Huffington Post's way they treated the Sarah Palin Towel Incident. You can say that "Newsweek said..." or "The Daily Worker reported that..." but the plain and simple fact is this: It's gossip. It's heresay after the fact to try to discredit Sarah Palin. If Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama were the subject of that blog (which they wouldn't be not because they might not do that but because the left would never report on that to begin with), the blogger would once again be uninformed and not smart enough to understand.

The bottom line is this: The Huffington Post is really no more that a gossip paper; an online National Enquirer if you will. And to those people who take what happens on her blog as Gospel, take a good long hard look at yourself. I hope you see that the left is manipulating you like a cheap tool. And if you want to say that you're an individual who comes up with his own opinion, you're really no different that the crowd in this video clip.

Thanks to Clarevaux for pointing this out. I might also add you should drop the author and Ariana a note thanking them for pointing others to Catholics for Sarah, but personally, I'd stick to sources of news that are a little more, well, newsworthy.

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